Ydinaseeton Pohjola / Aokigahara - Split LP (Red vinyl + CD-R)

Image of Ydinaseeton Pohjola / Aokigahara - Split LP (Red vinyl + CD-R)


Ydinaseeton Pohjola is continuing its raw punk crusade of the old Italian and Spanish bands. Waves of distortion and feedback, retarted screaming and shouting, forced wretched riffs and very strong sociopolitical message. Put barbed wire to your left ear and pull it out from the right ear. Enjoy the feeling!

Aokigahara music is heavily influenced by old Japanese hardcore/punk such as Zouo, GISM and LSD. Expect harsh vocals, heavy distorted bass, pounding drums and melodic guitar with metal influences weaving dark overall sound. This all fits well to post-apocalyptic visions of lyrical content.

Listen whole Ydinaseeton Pohjola side

Listen 2 Aokigahara tracks

This is special mailorder only version on red vinyl with silverprinted extra cover and bonus live in "studio" Ydinaseeton Pohjola CD-R