Ydinaseeton Pohjola - 7 inches

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Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Onko Suomi Usattunut/Demokratia 7"
Pressing 101 copies on black vinyl

Release itself is not in any way essential, but I like the versions and didn't want to throw those songs away. Thus this kind of small pressing.

Only a few copies left

Armless Children / Ydinaseeton Pohjola - 6 Tracks Split EP
Here you'll get such an rĂ¥ mangel attack that your brains will melt. Finally these children's live energy is captured on wax. If you liked their 1st EP, you'll love this one. 2 d-beat mayhems and Tatuerade Snutkukar cover. DIE LOUD!

On the other side Ydinaseeton Pohjola offers their own version what raw punk should sound like. Two originals recorded same time as split LP with Aokigahara and The Comes cover.

Double sided A3 sized foldout sleeves and obi. Pressing 500 copies, 100 on red and 400 on black vinyl.
The red one is SOLD OUT!

Ydinaseeton Pohjola / Keripukki - Split 7"EP
500 copies, black vinyl