YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Synnyt, Kärsit, Kuolet, Unohdut LP

Image of YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Synnyt, Kärsit, Kuolet, Unohdut LP


You born, you suffer and then you will die and get forgotten. That's the cycle of life. On this record Ydinaseeton Pohjola puts all this into one package.

The lyrics deals with some childhood memories (Salora corruption case, Jorma Ojaranta) and some facts about the decline of western civilization (Is our daily life just form of passive euthanasia fueled with alcohol, drugs and violence?).

How it's sounding then? Guitars are cold like a blaze in the northern sky, bass is like a bulldozer and drums like thousands of trash cans fall on. The cream of the crap is furious vocals which cannot leave anyone cold. The spirit of "chaos non musica" is present, but this is very song oriented record. Not just noise for noise's sake.

All this is wrapped in beautiful cut'n'paste graphics. Chainsaws, swords, skeletons, leather and thousands of studs. Comes with 8 page booklet containing lyrics and English translations plus more art.

Maybe this isn't ideal party record, but who cares.

Pressing 250 copies on black vinyl. 8 page booklet printed on heavy paper. English translation included.

Listen https://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com